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  • simonwigglesworth Reply #1, 3 years ago
    Claro Bees will be supplying oxalic acid and blocks of fondant at the winter opening on Saturday 6 December 2014.

    Oxalic acid trickling demonstrations will occur during the morning subject to suitable weather.

    Anyone who wants oxalic acid or fondant must pre-order their supplies by emailing (preferred method of contact) or by phone 0113 284 3755 by 21 November 2014.

    Oxalic acid

    500 ml bottle (enough for ten colonies), labelled, with child resistant cap, £4.65

    250 ml bottle (enough for five colonies), labelled, with child resistant cap, £3.10

    60 ml syringes, £0.90 each


    5 X 2.5 kg (individually wrapped) blocks, £13.00

    2.5kg individual pack, £2.80

    Please remember that Claro Bees cannot accept cards, payment by cash and cheque only.