Beekeeping Long Course for Beginners

Date:Monday 22 January 2018, 7:30pm
Venue:Hives and Honey Show Pavillion, Great Yorkshire Showground, Harrogate
Course fee:£240
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A three term course, meeting once per week on Monday evenings. The course includes both theoretical lectures and practical bee-handling and will be suitable for complete beginners or for those wishing to brush up their beekeeping skills. The course is based on the syllabus for the Basic Assessment of the British Beekeepers Association and course members will be encouraged to take this practical exam when they have had a year's experience of beekeeping; if they do so, their Basic Assessment entry fee will be paid by the Association.

Subjects included on this course:

Term 1

History of beekeeping, natural history of honeybees, equipment, economics of beekeeping, bee health, varroa and other pest and disease management, swarming, hive building, apiary sites, the year's work, forage, hive products, mead making, beeswax and honey processing. Hive Building Class

Term 2

Practical bee handling including the collection of swarms (when possible). Each member will be allocated a small colony of bees in a nucleus box. You will learn how to inspect and care for these bees under supervision each week. At the end of this term when the colony has increased in size you will have the opportunity to buy the colony, transfer them to your own hive and take them home.

Term 3

Review of practical course, general revision and forum with all teachers.

In addition to all teaching and course materials this includes obligatory membership of HRBKA, membership of BBKA and BDI insurance for 3 hives for one year (the HRBKA membership year covers 1st September of the year prior to the commencement of the course through to 31st August of the year on which the course is run). Course members also benefit from the opportunity to purchase a National hive kit from Claro Bees, which HRBKA will subsidise. For further information contact the course bookings administrator at Turn on Javascript!.