Equipment Hire

Harrogate and Ripon Beekeepers Association has a few items of beekeeping equipment that are available for members to hire for short periods. This is particularly useful for new beekeepers and those with only a few hives, who may not wish to purchase their own equipment.

EquipmentHire Charge
3-frame honey extractor and strainer £6 per 48 hours
Steam wax extractor £3 per week
Heather press (new in 2007) £3 per 48 hours
Honey refractometer £2 per 48 hours
Moulds for candle-making (four different silicone rubber moulds are available) £2 per week

A deposit of £30 is required for the loan of the honey extractor, wax extractor and the honey press. For other items, the deposit is four times the rental fee.

The equipment hirer is responsible for the repair or replacement of equipment returned in a damaged condition.

To hire any of this equipment, please contact Chrissie Spencer using the contact details to be found in the Members' Handbook.