Spray Liaison

Harrogate and Ripon Beekeepers Association operates a spray liaison scheme, the aim of which is for spray contractors to be in a position to inform beekeepers quickly and easily of intentions to spray. Liaison with local farmers is very important, but farmers frequentlty use spray contractors. Due to workload or weather conditions, arrangements between the farmer and contractor may be altered or cancelled at very short notice and it is imperative that the contractors have the necessary information to contact beekeepers directly.

Contractors are circulated early in the year with a list of beekeepers' names and addresses, telephone numbers, location of apiaries by grid references and at what times of the year the hives are in those locations. This is particularly helpful to migratory beekeepers when hives are moved from crop to crop. In view of concern about vandalism and theft, precautions are taken when grid references are notified to contractors and confidentiality is requested.

If you keep bees in an area that may be affected by spraying operations, pleaseĀ contact Chris McDevitt, the spray liaison officer, to notify him of your apiary locations.